Thursday, May 23, 2013

Teacher appreciation gift and a basic tutorial on how to do it

These are the teacher appreciations gifts I made using my printable graphics. The graphics are in this post and can be printed from there.
To do this, you will need-
Cardstock or photo paper
Something sturdy for the backing. I used upcycled hard back book covers.
Fabric cut to about 2 inches larger all around than the backing
Something pretty to frame out the graphic...yarn, twine, ribbon, etc.
Mod podge or a spray adhesive
Hot glue gun
Clothespins...painted or not

1. Print the graphic out. 8"x6" or smaller is best for font quality.
2. Paste or glue the fabric to the backing. Fold and glue like a present for pretty edges.
3. Paste/adhere the graphic to the covered backing.
4. Frame out the graphic using yard, twine, etc and a hot glue gun.
5. Hot glue gun the clothespins on.

You could use ribbon for a pretty hanger or make a hanger for the back. A notepad would be a cute addition since the clothespins can hold notes or other little things like that.


Emily Dimov-Gottshall said...

thought I'd share my version of your idea! Thank you for sharing your artwork...the teachers loved it!

Emily Dimov-Gottshall said...