Sunday, August 2, 2015


We celebrate the first harvest sabbat Lughnasadh with corn dollies and cinnamon buns. I am thankful to have been able to visit with family and to now be home where the soft scent of cinnamon is in the air. 

The Spiral Dance

I was maybe 19 years old when I first saw this book. A group of us had decided to spend the night out at the lake. I was feeling out of place and insecure that night, sitting alone on the dock. My friend Lara came up to me, she was older than me, was from the same area but had been out traveling around , being her beautiful gypsy self. She sat down next to me and opened up her bag. She took out this book and a special pouch. The pouch had a stone in it, smokey quartz, beautiful and dark in the moonlight. She read me a passage from this book, her voice soft and tender in the night. And although we lost touch, I have never forgotten her. She showed me kindness and compassion and reminded me that we are all children of the Goddess, united in Love.

Monday, May 11, 2015


I have always lived with animals. I grew up in a family who didn't really draw a line between animal and human because well, there isn't one. They are a significant part of my life and my spirituality. As a child, I grew up with a goat who snuggled with me on the couch, horses who occupied my days and my dreams, dogs and cats who understood me in a way that no human ever could. My mother showed me how to help those in need and when you needed to let go. We are stewards of the animals who come into our care. It is our honor and blessing to care for them and we do the best we can. When you have a lot of animals as we have, there is a lot of messes, a lot of love and sometimes, a lot of death. In the past two months we have lost three elderly dogs and today, one elderly kitty, the matriarch of our cat tribe. Padma, our dearest Padma left this earth in body but not in spirit. She is very special to us and we will all miss her. She took such good care of all of us. Once again I am so grateful for our wonderful vet, Dr. Linda Baxter at Lakeview Animal Hospital.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Intoxicated by Green

The woods around the house are intoxicatingly green. The sunlight filters through their leaves like sunlight underwater.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring's Biggest Fan

A Fox Guide

She is quick witted and she doesn't miss much...that beautiful, mysterious fox.